A Minecraft Modpack


A simple Minecraft version that offers a common gaming experience
A game Optimized for maximum FPS
Advanced graphics settings with support for HD resource packs and shaders for beautiful rendering
Some classic mods to improve the game experience (armor HUD, low fire, macros, ...)
Additional options for servers (account management, emerald armor, ...)
AZ Launcher Preview


The AZ Launcher offers everyone a similar version of the game, without the possibility of adding external mods. In this way all players are equals and no one can have unfair advantages.

It also offer many tools (API) for servers, which allows them to offer you better content.
AZ Launcher Preview

Download the Minecraft Launcher!


Does this launcher prevent cheating?
No. But it offers the possibility for servers to detect cheating more easily.
What personal data do you collect?
None. This site and the game don't collect any personal data.